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All KG cricket bats are made of soft fibrous piece of willow possessing its own individual characteristics. The playing life of your bat relates directly to the preparation (Knocking In), Maintenance and care of the bat throughout its life. We have put together the following guidelines to assist you in getting the best out of your bat.

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Choosing a Bat

  • When looking at a new bat, balance or pick up of the bat is most important point to note.
  • It is the balance and pick up of the bat, which really counts in play rather than its weight on weighing scale.


Knocking In is the process by which the fibers of the willow in the face and edges are compressed and knitted together to form a strong outer resistance and a shield to the impact of cricket ball. The Knocking –In process should be done carefully and thoroughly as the life and the performance of your cricket bat is determined by it to a large extent.

Step I

The bat should be struck on its face and edges using ball mallet or quality old ball. Increase the force gradually until the blow is as hard as a ball hits in a game.

Step II

Use the bat in nets or to hit short catches with an old quality ball. This step should perform for at least two hours. Then test the bat against newer quality balls. If there are seam marks or dents.

One must return to step I for further knocking. However if there are no seam marks on the blade then it is ready for use in matches.

(The bat should be properly knocked-In for at least 10 days before its use in match).

Oiling the bat (Natural Faced Bats)

After a period of use a bat may start to show signs of dryness making some of the surface cracks protrude. When this happens just give the bat light sanding removing extra dirt from the surface. Then apply very light coating of raw-linseed oil or special cricket bat oil onto hitting areas of the blade. Allow the bat to lie horizontally. Another two coatings of the oil on the bat should be sufficient. The main purpose of oiling is to maintain moisture levels within the blade.


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Surface Cracks

These are small cracks, which appear on all bats after a period of use. Their appearance on a new bat is direct result of the bat being under prepared i.e. not properly knocked-in or may be due to use of low quality, hard cricket balls. All bats will show surface cracks, THIS IS NORMAL. The main aim of knocking is to delay these cracks for as long as possible.

Edge Cracks

These cracks are not results of faulty workmanship or defective willow. They appear due to use of under prepared bat or mistimed strokes during the play. Some times such strokes are unavoidable and therefore it is wise to take precautions.

Both the above problems can be minimized by application of protective sheets to face and edges of the bat.

Cracking of the Toe

Cracking of the toe is caused by striking of a ball at the base of the bat i.e. hitting a Yorker or due to playing on wet surfaces or by using low quality hard balls. Such bats are not replaceable and are repairable at manufacturer’s discretion.

Cracking of the Shoulder

Such damage is caused due to general wear and tear of the bat during its usage. Such bats are not replaceable but are repairable at manufacturer’s discretion.

Handle Breakage

Breakage of handle may occur due to general wear and tear or due to striking of the ball during play. The handle is repairable or replaceable at manufacturer’s discretion, but bat itself is not replaceable.

Damage due to Dampness

Playing in wet conditions can result in layered cracks and swelling of the toe area, which can cause splitting of the toe on drying. Such bats are repairable but not replaceable. Breakage of the blade Breakage of the new bat during play (Even after following the prescribed guidelines for preparing the bat for use) is potentially replaceable at manufacturer’s discretion.

Breakage of the blade due to misuse

Such bats are repairable at the customers cost and are NOT REPLACEABLE.

Damage due to use of low quality cricket balls Low quality hard cricket balls can cause swear damage to the bat. Such bats are NOT REPLACEABLE and are repairable at manufacturer’s discretion.

All such bats should be given to your dealer you originally purchased the bat from, who shall then forward the same for examination to the factory.

Custom Made Hand-Crafted Cricket Bats

We make custom designing cricket bats easy with our bat selection forms, knowledge, experience and expertise. By using a personalized process involving several discussions, we can refine a bat to your exact game. We want to give you the best value bat for shots, empower you to play your natural game with ease, and ultimately score more runs.